Non-essential government services are now shut down.
According to Vox, that includes the IRS: Β "the IRS has indicated that it plans to furlough a significant fraction of its workers under a contingency plan, since tax season has yet to get underway."

If they are "non-essential" how about we leave them shut down permanently!? Β πŸ€”

Seems like a great way to DRAIN THE SWAMP to me!

Here's a list of Government Services I'd be happy to have shut down permanently:
βœ… TSA
βœ… IRS
βœ… The Mueller Investigation
βœ… The 9th Circuit
βœ… Common Core Education
βœ… Life-long welfare
βœ… Gun grabbing Agencies
βœ… NSA
βœ… FEMA
βœ… Congress

What do you think? Β 

Have any to add?Β 
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