The Democrats Have Hit a New Low!
Although Justice Kavanaugh was LAWFULLY appointed to the Supreme Court, Democrats refuse to accept it.

They've doubled down.

They now started a new Petition to IMPEACH Justice Kavanaugh!

Insane...except that the Petition has gained over 170,000 signatures in just two days!

Take a look:
We're not gonna take that lying down.

Let's rise up and show them what the Deplorables think about Justice Kavanaugh!

Can we TRIPLE their numbers?

"Justice Kavanaugh was LAWFULLY appointed and we support him 100%!"
The Hill covered the Petition against Justice Kavanaugh...

Can we get them to cover OUR PETITION if we get 500,000 signatures?

I think so, let's do it!  
Please add your support!

Our goal is 500,000 signatures!
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